AirBNB Services:

This is a special custom area of our Interior Design services, especially catered to Airbnb Hosts. Ginevra Held Interior Design offers this service to help Airbnb Hosts attract more clients. Through measured re-design, we work with you as a Host to create a better version of what you currently list on Airbnb. Our goal with this service is to provide thoughtful design upgrades to your space that make it look better, but do so quickly and in a way that is approachable for most budgets. We also consider the end user, and provide suggestions that are not just aesthetic, but functional as well.  

An example of this approach would be using paint, accessories, and small soft furnishing to enhance the look of your space.  Then we consider the guest's needs and suggest any items that may be missing. Examples may include simply a hot water kettle and tea and coffee for the guest.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your Airbnb listing and we can work together right away to attract more guests! Our team has much experience with online renting. We have overseen properties from a one bedroom one bath, to a 9 bedroom 9 bath and everything in between. We are also experienced travelers who have stayed in many vacation rentals all over the world. So we know what it is like on both sides, making us veritable experts in this field. We look forward to hearing from you!

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