Interior Design:

We offer full service interior design, this option is best for newly acquired properties and second homes where the slate is blank, so to speak.

Interior Refreshment:

Whether your home needs a complete design uplift or some just some pizazz…. this service is great for those with a wide range of needs and budgets.  

Whether refreshing a room or an entire home, we work with you to determine how best to utilize the pieces you already have, what to deaccession, what to add and how to get that je ne sais quoi, that heightened sense of drama and delight.

Southern France Vintage and Antique Hunting: 

Join Ginevra and her team of chineurs (antique hunters) on their annual shopping tours of brocantes, antiquaires and vide greniers in Southwest France.  Stay at her family’s 18th century farmhouse while scouring the countryside’s famous outdoor vintage and antique markets.  We help you select and ship home your fabulous finds.  

AIRBNB Guest Room Design:

This is a special custom area of our Interior Design services, especially catered to Airbnb Hosts. Ginevra Held Interior Design offers this service to help Airbnb Hosts attract more clients. Through measured re-design, we work with you as a Host to create a better version of what you currently list on Airbnb. Our goal with this service is to provide thoughtful design upgrades to your space that make it look better, but do so quickly and in a way that is approachable for most budgets. We also consider the end user, and provide suggestions that are not just aesthetic, but functional as well.  

So contact us and tell us about your project! 

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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