One Room Challenge: Round 3 by Ginevra Held

Status Update!!

Last week I showed the inspiration shots for the color of the wall.  I wanted a deep kind of tropical blue.  I bought two paint colors, one very deep and one very tropical and mixed until I had the desired effect. You can see the various shades here:

Also, as I shared last time, the color scheme inspiration is from my Mother's toile de jouey jacket which is lined in an intense blue, while the pockets have a hit of orange.  I was trying to determine how I wanted to get this hit of orange.  I like stripes, so I considered a minimal approach, a stripe behind each head board.  But as I continued to think, inspiration struck! :

The photo is of my Mother's second home in France, and you can see the beautiful beams and what a cool pattern they make.  In the end room I am currently designing, the room has all the properties of a traditional french country home from the period, the stone walls, beams etc, minus this particular architectural feature.  So I thought I would do an homage to architectural detail in paint.  I remembered that Merci in Paris had done something similar in the corrider, so to speak, that is on the way to their store.  On one side is this beam and fill detail and on the other, they did a trompe l'oeil replica.  I loved it.  So I am replicating the pattern in my Mother's second house here.  You can see I marked out the pattern in ribbon, and then have begun painting:

And the painting has begun:

So there we go.  Now I have to keep on chugging along painting, and then I have to find a good orange soon!  I am excited to keep moving along and thrilled about this decorative motif development.  

Stay Tuned!!

xo, Ginevra

Interior Design: Tiny Decorating Tip by Ginevra Held

Feel like sugar on the floor, bud dum dum da dum dum dummmm….. sugar on the floor….. (just sing it in your head…)

What do Etta James and interior design have to do with one another you might ask?  Nothing and EVERYTHING.

Basically Etta said she felt like sugar on the floor, and well, as a designer, I like putting things on the floor.  So there you go!

Alright alright, that's totally pushing it.  And please know that I deeply respect and adore Ms. Etta James, so all you bluesy types out there just calm down.  

The fact is when I was at college taking a ton of English classes at UC Berkeley (this was before I decided to major in Architecture) we were told to start our essays with a hook or a quote.  So there you go, thank you Etta for my hook.

Now to what we came for.  The tiny decorating tip: like sugar on the floor, put things on the floor. What things? Paintings! Prints! Posters! Empty Frames! Lean those suckers, layer them, stand back and enjoy.  I employed this little trick for this vignette I did and I rather like the outcome.

Now Etta feeling like sugar on the floor was not a good thing, at first things can be sweet like sugar, then you are tossed aside, wasted on the floor, sugar on the floor.  But when you put your paintings on the floor, it is a good thing and don’t worry they will not be wasted.  (again sorry to the blues fans, and please excuse me Etta, but you know…)

Also, just because things are on the floor does not mean they shouldn't be on the wall too!


Do you lean anything against the wall and on the floor in your house?  Are you ready to try it? Turn on some Etta James and get going!




Style Icon: Emmanuelle Seigner in Frantic by Ginevra Held

So I watched Frantic last night.  It's a movie starring Harrison Ford, directed by Roman Polanski and set in Paris.  It was made in 1988.

I am on a bit of a Harrison Ford kick at the moment.  I have always loved the guy.  I mean he is essentially my ideal man.  He always plays this like intellectual, be it a medical Doctor, a Doctor of Archeology, the President (thought that is arguably less of an intellectual pursuit these days), who, well really doesn't want to, but you know has to beat someone up.  Like he doesn't want to pummel you, but you are kind of an asshole, so okay fine, he'll punch the hell out of you.  I really like that, the nice quiet guy who is smart, leads with his mind, but if he needs to, man he will beat you up.

Moving on from Harrison Ford, the best leading man ever, what I really dug about this 80's movie was the fantastic fashion of Emmanuelle Seigner.  I mean this girl, in every take, could have walked off a Saint Laurent Runway.  I mean is this what Hedi Slimane has playing on loop in his living room or something?  Nothing like a mini dress, sheer black tights and boots.  It's the sheer black tights that really make it chic.  Like its cold, so you're not going to be a total idiot and go bare legs, but opaque tights are not cutting it, so you slip on sheer black tights.

Anyway, the girl made me want to cut my hair and buy some hoop hearings. (neither of which is going to happen - but still....)

Here she is in a leather mini dress, with sheer tights and boots.  She's on a roof in Paris trying to get something Harrison dropped, as you do...

And case in point: Saint Laurent Fall 2015 on left, Emmanuelle Seigner right:

I guess its true, really great fashion never goes out of style....

Oh come on, you knew I was going to say something maudlin.

What movie heroine's style do you like?