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One Room Challenge: Post 4 by Ginevra Held

I've got a blank space baby, and I'll find some orange....

So here we are, three weeks along.  Now, the middle part of an interior design project is not pretty.  Have you ever visited an artist and seen a painting partially done?  It is not a pretty site. This is true of Interior Design.  Catching a project in the middle is scary if you are not the designer.  Like artists, Interior Designers have the final picture in their head the entire time.  This is what keeps us going, otherwise we may very well give up somewhere in between.  Luckily, I have a pretty picture of what this is going to become tucked away in my head.  So while this may look appalling to you, to me its the means to the end.

That disclaimer in place I can discuss my progress.

The pattern for the wall behind the bed has been laid out and the first layer of paint applied.  I am happy with the pattern.  It is more dynamic than stripes, and has more meaning as it is indigenous to the architecture of the area.  I am happy with it indeed.

The frames that I originally showed to be hung over each bed, I have now decided to move them to the far wall.  I moved the dresser out of the way, and I will be taking it out and replacing it with a compfy chair. The frames will now hang on the far wall, side by side, there will be orange behind or in them, and I am working on some other ideas of what perhaps they may frame.

Here is the far wall:

I am off to find my orange tomorrow!

The plan is to paint the orange, in as many coats as needed and then go back and put a second layer of blue over the existing first layer and define edges more carefully.

I also need to get said compfy chair in place.  And evaluate whether simple orange behind the frames is enough or if more design is needed.

So there you go, midway and a to do list.  I am excited with the progress and continuing to progress and move toward the final.  The image in my head is getting realized with each brush stroke.

Continue to stay tuned and thank you, as always, for reading!

xo, Ginevra

One Room Challenge: Round two by Ginevra Held

Hello all! So after posting about the room Monday, I headed over to my local Antiquites shop to see what I could find to add more charm to the room.

I found two matching empty frames which I have decided to hand over each single bed.  After pillows, paint, and mirrors, empty frames are my favorite things.

Here they are, in situ, by which I mean I taped them up, so please ignore the masking tape.

I also played with having a mirror behind the bedside table, and it must be said, I love my industrial lamp, so I am trying to see if we can get that guy in....

I also upped the pillow game a bit as you can see, and played around with the dresser mise en scene.

I have also decided on a color scheme.  The inside of Mom's toile jacket (see last post) is a gorgeous blue.  Her pockets are lined with a tiny hit of bright orange.  So this is what we are going for, a nice complementary pairing of blue and orange.

I found two blue interior inspiration shots on a new insta feed I found by way of One King's Lane. Its called Milkweed and Monarch.

Here are the shots, one is from Elle Decor, I don't know about the other one.

Elle Decor via MilkweedandMonarch

Image via One King's Lane from Milkweed and Monarch's feed.

Image via One King's Lane from Milkweed and Monarch's feed.

As you can see above, that hint of orange can really uplift a blue and white room.

So there you go.  Some progress.....

Next up, the paint store!!! Always fun and always a challenge.

Stay tuned for more....



Toute suite en suite! by Ginevra Held

So I wanted to do a quick post here.  I’ve been daydreaming about the Hotel Daniel (again) and admiring their lovely rooms. It reminded me of my absolute love of decorating "en suite".  The french term, when used in decorating refers to one pattern being used on the walls, curtains and furniture.  En suite is like saying all in a set, so when one pattern is used for everything, the room is said to be decorated en suite.

Sometimes I really want to match.  Maybe its because I went to private all girls Catholic uniform school.  Nothing is more relaxing than wearing the same thing everyday. Maybe there is also a part of me that hopes when Kanye is President we will all be wearing Yeezus.  You know how in movies in the future everyone is wearing the same thing? Well this would be like that, but in Yeezus.  Pretty sure that is what will happen. If Kanye wins here, then I hope Christopher Kane wins in England.  I could definitely wear Christopher Kane every day.

It is a fantasy of mine to do an en suite room.  In her book, New Classic Interiors, Alessandra Branca contends that when you use a fabric everywhere, it almost becomes neutral.  I think for me, its just visceral.  It creates this like cocoon of a room, a sumptousness.  And even though its a pattern, when used everywhere, its actually quite calming.

Lets take a look at some examples:


This one is pretty striking. I found it in an old French Elle Decor. The walls, the canopy bed, the furniture are all decorated in a lovely cotton toile with an 18th century motif.  I just love this.

Bedroom by Alessandra Branca, photo via

Bedroom by Alessandra Branca, photo via

So this is a gorgeous bedroom by Alessandra Branca did and demonstrates her notion that all one fabric becomes a neutral.  She breaks it up by lining the canopy bed with a yellow check which is a nice touch.

Hotel Daniel, via

Hotel Daniel, via

This is the Hotel Daniel suite I've been dreaming about.  Love that this room is under the eaves. They break it up by not matching the bed and the furniture, which makes it more modern.

Photo via

Photo via

Found this picture on the Veranda magazine website.  Its pretty fantastic.  This is taking en suite all the way! Adore that canopy.

Conclusion: Do I love this? Yea baby!  But I have to say, do not, I repeat, do not do this in every room in your house, unless you are completely, how should I put this, nuts.  In decorating, as in life, a lack of variation can be well, lacking.  Too much matching can get to you.  Make sure you have rooms where things can get artfully and deliciously messed up.


Before and After Part 2: Bedroom 1 by Ginevra Held

So lets explore one of the two bedrooms I designed, again for my Mom's house.  Thanks Mom! Mom. Mom. MAAAAAAAAAOOOOM! Meatloaf! Okay, thank you Mom and Will Ferrell.

So here is the bedroom before:

Bedroom before

Bedroom before

So the room is nice.  Great bay window lighting, good amount of space.  Its just kinda boring. Not designed.

Here is after:

So, not to brag or anything, but I think it looks pretty dope.  Yea that's right.  So, I created a sort of mood board for this design.  Just now.  I don't use mood boards to design.  I start with an idea and then the design evolves and progresses.  But I thought it would be interesting to see it represented in a 2-D way.  Here it is:

In the middle, you can see a painting, this is a painting by the Australian painter Ken Done.  I had bought my Mom a limited edition print while I was living in Sydney, Australia. This print was the starting point for the design.  It defined the color scheme.  

After deciding the color scheme, next was materials.  I knew I wanted some printed patterned fabric.  We chose the fabric company Toiles de Mayennes, a french company with outposts in Paris as well as Bordeaux, a large city relatively close to my Mom's house in France.  We chose a toile and a stripe to go with the print.  I knew I wanted a toile de joey because it is a classic french pattern that lends history and charm to any interior.  It was paired with a stripe in similar tones for a bit of modernity.  The materials were used to create custom pillows.  We also chose an Ikat pillow from Kim Seybert, because honestly, with these colors and the way the scheme was coming along, the more patterns the merrier!

From the beginning I wanted a graffiti piece.  My brother is a talented art student, street artist, glass artist and illustrator, so naturally I wanted hime to do the graffiti piece. I liked the idea of having graffiti in the house, I adore the brightness of it, its graphic quality.  I was really interested in house it would interact with classic french toile de joey.  Both toile de joey and Graffiti come from the same family.  Graffiti has a place in the lexicon of art history and decoration.  

I asked my brother to use Montana 300 water based paints.  They are suitable for indoor use and therefore less toxic to humans and the environment.  I use the greenest house paint as well.  I just think its better to avoid toxins as much as possible.

Anyways, I asked my brother to write "Bonnes Reves", which means Sweet Dreams in French.  We took a look at different graffiti styles as well as his own and he drew out the design before actually painting it.  The paints are again within the color scheme from the original print.

I wanted to use pendant lamps for side lights, so I chose the Muuto E27 pendant lights.  They come in pink, which is awesome.  And I love the exposed bulb look as you know. Alvar Aalto stools that had been used in other parts of the house, were brought in for side tables.  Their light wood blends in, and is restful in this sea of color.  Frankly, I wanted other side tables, but tables are very expensive, and I don't believe in buying crap, especially since a lot of crap these days is really expensive. It was better to integrate the gorgeous Aalto furniture, than buy something else.  Better for the budget too.  I think the reason the Aalto furniture ends up working is because of the graffiti.  The graffiti brings the modern classic into the contemporary, graffiti is the new modern.