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Ottolenghi is a terrific take out/ eat in food shop in London.  There are five of them total, I have so far visited two, one in Islington and the other in Notting Hill.

I was first introduced to Ottolenghi after seeing his gorgeous book Plenty at various bookstores until finally, someone (Mom, thank you) bought it.

The book features delicious recipes all concentrating on vegetables.  

The set up of the food stores is a table at the front with amazing vegetable dishes all laid out.  You can either get a number of the salads to go or eat in. I chose to get 3 salads to go.  

Ottolenghi is very inventive when it comes to vegetables.  His dishes are fresh, healthy and intricately and inventively seasoned and spiced.  I highly recommend a visit to any of his shops.  

Check online beforehand to see if the shop is more of a take out or eat in place.  The website is very helpful that way.

In addition to the salads, I highly recommend the pastries.  His s'more cookie was absolutely incredible!!

Photos are from the Ottolenghi in Islington, though personally I liked the one in Notting Hill better, probably because I like Notting Hill better.

London Ottolenghi

London Ottolenghi

London Ottolenghi