Style Icon: Emmanuelle Seigner in Frantic by Ginevra Held

So I watched Frantic last night.  It's a movie starring Harrison Ford, directed by Roman Polanski and set in Paris.  It was made in 1988.

I am on a bit of a Harrison Ford kick at the moment.  I have always loved the guy.  I mean he is essentially my ideal man.  He always plays this like intellectual, be it a medical Doctor, a Doctor of Archeology, the President (thought that is arguably less of an intellectual pursuit these days), who, well really doesn't want to, but you know has to beat someone up.  Like he doesn't want to pummel you, but you are kind of an asshole, so okay fine, he'll punch the hell out of you.  I really like that, the nice quiet guy who is smart, leads with his mind, but if he needs to, man he will beat you up.

Moving on from Harrison Ford, the best leading man ever, what I really dug about this 80's movie was the fantastic fashion of Emmanuelle Seigner.  I mean this girl, in every take, could have walked off a Saint Laurent Runway.  I mean is this what Hedi Slimane has playing on loop in his living room or something?  Nothing like a mini dress, sheer black tights and boots.  It's the sheer black tights that really make it chic.  Like its cold, so you're not going to be a total idiot and go bare legs, but opaque tights are not cutting it, so you slip on sheer black tights.

Anyway, the girl made me want to cut my hair and buy some hoop hearings. (neither of which is going to happen - but still....)

Here she is in a leather mini dress, with sheer tights and boots.  She's on a roof in Paris trying to get something Harrison dropped, as you do...

And case in point: Saint Laurent Fall 2015 on left, Emmanuelle Seigner right:

I guess its true, really great fashion never goes out of style....

Oh come on, you knew I was going to say something maudlin.

What movie heroine's style do you like?