Beauty: Body Brushing / by Ginevra Held

I’ve started Dry Brushing, Have you?


People, not everything is about Interior Design.  SO I repeat, I’ve started Dry Brushing, have you?

I heard about dry brushing kind of randomly.  You know how you’re browsing Vogue online, and there's some other site popping up and it's like “Miranda Kerr Swears by Dry Brushing!” and you’re like okay.  She’s attractive.  But you’re still skeptical cuz like she also divorced Orlando Bloom, and where is the logic in that?

Anyway, I kept seeing it mentioned as being done by other celebs, like Gisele Bundchen, Elle McPherson, neither of whom have divorced Orlando Bloom, so like dry brushing and divorcing Orlando Bloom are not causal.  If you’ve taken the LSAT’s there’s no if…then… if you know what I mean.

So I casually mentioned dry brushing to a friend of mine, and she was like, dry brushing is why Japanese people don’t have cellulite.  Ummm okay, that is interesting.

I confess, I do have cellulite.  Ewww and thanks a lot MOM, apparently it is very hereditary (are there varying degrees of something being hereditary, if so, it is very).  I was wearing short shorts last summer and I squatted down to get some chips (of course) and noticed that when squeezed there was dimpling.  Very upset, I went home and directly googled “Victoria’s Secret Models With Cellulite” and thank the lord, Candice Swanepoel had instagrammed a paparazzi pic of her cellulite. So there you go, I am in good company.

So I thought I would give dry brushing a try.  Of course, dry brushing in itself can not reduce cellulite, that takes an entire arsenal, eating well, exercising …. But it apparently has benefits that exist beyond cellulite.  It is stimulating, invigorating, good for circulation and exfoliation.

I did a lot of research on what kind of brush and learned that vegetal, namely cactus brushes are the best.  The one I bought is from Net-a-Porter (if you don’t know what that is, please get out from under your rock).  

Then I perused GOOP, as you do, and found an article on dry brushing.  Thank you Gwyneth. Basically, before you take a shower or bath, you use your brush on dry skin and do light upward strokes, starting at the feet and moving upwards always toward the heart. 

Now when you get to your stomach, it says to move the brush counterclockwise.  I confess I still have no idea what that means.  Is there a clock superimposed on my stomach and I go the other way, or if I’m looking at a clock?  I mean really, I majored in Architecture at UC Berkeley and had to take advanced Calculus and for the life of me I have no idea what counterclockwise on my stomach is.  

Gwyenth has a diagram, and I kind of think I kind of get it.  Thank you GOOP.

Anyway.  I’ve started dry brushing.  It is invigorating, don’t do it too harshly and try to enjoy it. This time, before my shower, I put coconut oil on my skin after dry brushing, sort of to protect it from the water.  And then Coconut oil after.  So apparently with consistency, of course and over time, I should see improvement in my skin and hopefully with the cellulite.  Though I am attacking that on another front but that is for a different post.

So lay it on me….Do you dry brush?

Good Reference Articles for How to, both from GOOP: