One Room Challenge: Post 5 / by Ginevra Held

So this one is a bit of dooozy... I am going to make this quick.  We are having paint issues here people!!!!

Not uncommon, but, a bit of a setback.

The blue is not looking how I wanted, and the red/orange is at points red and at points orange.

Now this is not uncommon when working with paint.  The room has very strong light that comes in a floor to ceiling opening on one side and there is a skylight.  So the lighting is a bit unusual in this room.  And as we approach summer, the light has changed.  

Luckily, this is a paint issue.  And what do you do with a paint issue?  You paint over it!!!! That is the beauty of paint, you just do it again.

Other than that, I like the decorative aspect of the design and I have some good ideas for styling, so next Thursday for the final day I hope to present a very pretty room.  Wish me luck!

Here are the photos of our issues, notice the variation in the paint color: