One Room Challenge: Round 3 / by Ginevra Held

Status Update!!

Last week I showed the inspiration shots for the color of the wall.  I wanted a deep kind of tropical blue.  I bought two paint colors, one very deep and one very tropical and mixed until I had the desired effect. You can see the various shades here:

Also, as I shared last time, the color scheme inspiration is from my Mother's toile de jouey jacket which is lined in an intense blue, while the pockets have a hit of orange.  I was trying to determine how I wanted to get this hit of orange.  I like stripes, so I considered a minimal approach, a stripe behind each head board.  But as I continued to think, inspiration struck! :

The photo is of my Mother's second home in France, and you can see the beautiful beams and what a cool pattern they make.  In the end room I am currently designing, the room has all the properties of a traditional french country home from the period, the stone walls, beams etc, minus this particular architectural feature.  So I thought I would do an homage to architectural detail in paint.  I remembered that Merci in Paris had done something similar in the corrider, so to speak, that is on the way to their store.  On one side is this beam and fill detail and on the other, they did a trompe l'oeil replica.  I loved it.  So I am replicating the pattern in my Mother's second house here.  You can see I marked out the pattern in ribbon, and then have begun painting:

And the painting has begun:

So there we go.  Now I have to keep on chugging along painting, and then I have to find a good orange soon!  I am excited to keep moving along and thrilled about this decorative motif development.  

Stay Tuned!!

xo, Ginevra