Interior Design: Will Ferrell's Living Room / by Ginevra Held

Hi all.  I hope you had a good weekend. Yesterday, I got an email from Architecture Digest about Celebrity Homes on sale.  And I admit I opened it.  I only looked at Fred Armisen’s though.  It’s a cute house in Silverlake.  And its under a million!

I was thinking, geez, Arch Digest is kinda gross in a way with their fascination with celebrity. But I felt like internet browsing, so I was like whatever. I clicked on the celebrity style category and was like what can I stomach? I chose Celebrity Living Rooms mostly because it promised Will Ferrell's living room, and I like him.

I clicked through until I landed on Will Ferrell's Living Room:

Photo via Architectural Digest, Will Ferrell's Living Room

Photo via Architectural Digest, Will Ferrell's Living Room

And I was looking at his living room and going this is really nicely put together, very modern eclectic, tasteful, great art choices.  But I was like, come on.  Where does the guy sit?  I mean I know he plays a nut and a goofball, but most nutty people are very smart so I was not at all surprised that he has good taste.  But the fact is Will Ferrell is a big guy, and this does not look like a place where he can just sit down.  I often think about that when looking at rooms I absolutely adore because they are filled with Louis XVI furniture and I think how much I wish I could afford those antiques and then I remember that on Sunday nights I like to completely lie down on the sofa with my feet on the sofa arms and watch The Good Wife.  I don’t think you can do that on a Louis XVI settee.  

As if Arch Digest could read my mind, the next slide said, “in another of Will Ferrells living rooms….” and sure enough I was like, ah, this is where the man sits, or perhaps lies all the way down with his feet up and watches The Good Wife on Sunday nights.

Photo via Architectural Digest, Will Ferrell's Living Room

Photo via Architectural Digest, Will Ferrell's Living Room

So it got me thinking.  What if, unlike Will Ferrell, you only have one living room?  How do you get the best of both the totally refined and the totally loungable?  This is my goal in decorating.  To find that perfect spot.  Where you have the refined pieces, but also the pieces you can feel comfortable lounging on.

What do you think?  Should a living room (if you have just one) be for total lounging or should it be totally refined?  Or both?

I learned a couple other things from this slideshow.

1. Diane Keaton’s house is exactly how you would imagine it. Think Annie Hall Interior Decor.

2. My homegirl Julianna Margulies has exceptional taste in that she hired Vicente Wolf, an incredible designer to do her place

3. And finally, kudos to Gerard Butler.  He got an architect and a film set designer.  Um Hello Genius!!! Who better to design your home than a film set designer! What fun!  They know how to populate a space.  And make it look lived in.  I love film sets.  That is too cool. And the man has “conversation areas”.  Hello!!!!


What do you think of Will Ferrell’s Living room?


xo, Ginevra