Random Thoughts: Lord Grantham x Julia Roberts / by Ginevra Held

With the ending of Downton Abbey, a thought has been floating around in the back of my head, indeed, it is something I have known since the moment I saw him, and I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that Lord Grantham knows Julia Roberts.

If you already knew/know this, great for you, I am going to keep going here.

Now, when Lord Grantham and Julia Roberts first met, he was a bit of an "arse" and that is putting it kindly.  This is what that looked like:

And Julia Roberts was like:

I feel, however, that over the course of six seasons, and many more years, Lord Grantham has really grown as a human being and I feel would be much more equipped to meet Julia now.

In saying that, I think we have now come so far as to say that it would now be Julia doing all that placating to Lord/Mr Downton Abbey.  And for their reunion, she will probably have to dress something like this:

And though of course, Julia is still a far cry from "barely scraping by on 7 or 8 thousand a year" I'd say Lord Grantham has certainly found his calling as landed gentry and is himself a far cry from bumbling Bernie, the worst stock broker in London, because lets face it he was "absolute rubbish".

This has been Random Thoughts with Ginevra Held.