Jet lag, on why it sucks and why it took me so long to get the the Victoria and Albert Museum. / by Ginevra Held

Success: I made it to the Victoria and Albert Museum today!!!! Now I am going to explain to you why that is such a big deal.  Mostly its because this was my 3rd try and my previous attempts were thwarted due to that shitty little thing called jet lag.

I arrived in London on Monday afternoon.  Before I got on my flight I had decided that I was going to take the tube to the hotel where I was staying for a night.  It was a straight shot, way, way way less then a taxi, so I committed to it.  Now, this was before enduing a 10 hours flight.  Full disclosure, I was not in Economy, I was in Economy plus, and there weren't that many people, but and this is a big but, I had become absolutely spoilt traveling with my Mom in Business Class.  Couple that with nerves and I lost my lunch or dinner or whatever it was, and spent a majority the ride feeling awful. Point is, in this state, I managed to get through customs, get my luggage, find the tube entrance, get on the tube, get out of the tube, look at a little map in the dark trying to figure out which way my damn hotel was, and roll my luggage two blocks.  But I did it!! By myself, thank you very much.  And collapsed.

We now commence the saga of jet lag.

Monday night, woke in the middle of the night, watched TV, went back to bed.  Woke up at 10am next morning feeling like I had a hangover, pushed myself out of bed to go out and pick up my biometric residency ID.  Now after I picked that up, I decided to go traipsing about looking for the apple store, then tooled around Liberty of London.  I went back to the hotel, got an Uber and headed over to the flat in Fulham where I am staying.  I took a nap then went out to get groceries.

Tuesday night, woke up middle of night, couldn’t sleep, closed my eyes, next thing I know, look at the clock and it says 1:47.  I thought I was insane! Nope I had slept til Wednesday afternoon.  By the time I got out, it was dark (its dark here around 5ish)

Wednesday night, woke up at 2:30 and stayed up til 6, blogging, instagramming, tooling around the internet.  Woke up at about 2pm on Thursday.  Thursday, I made my first attempt to walk to the V&A, but I have a policy of not wondering around after dark in places I don’t know, so I turned home before I was quite there.

Thursday night, managed to sleep from 1am to 5am, then sort of half slept until I pushed myself out of bed at 11am.  Keeping in mind this is no small feat when you feel like complete shit.

However, it was a good push.  I got out of the house and walked the 35min or so walk to the V&A.  Yay!!!!!

Here she is, in case you were in doubt:

Victoria and Albert Museum, always good to get a red phone box in the photo, in case anyone doubts you are in London.

Victoria and Albert Museum, always good to get a red phone box in the photo, in case anyone doubts you are in London.

And if you hadn’t figured, I headed straight to the fashion collection, hello Dior.

Christian Dior Me, from my head to my toes.....

Christian Dior Me, from my head to my toes.....

Interestingly though, it was not as amazing as I had imagined.  It was a very good overview of the history of fashion, but not a va va voom as the special exhibits I’ve grown accustomed to on specific designers, i.e. the one on Yves Saint Laurent and the one on Jean Paul Gaultier, both of which I saw in San Francisco and Paris.  Yeah! I am that annoying!!!!

My plan tomorrow is to go to a Farmer’s market.  As we know these things are usually happening before I’ve even been getting up, so hopefully, this shitty jet lag is coming to a close so I can get my organic fruit and veg and stop giving Whole Foods all my money (yes, Whole Foods has conquered England, more on that later.)