Dining Room: The Recipe / by Ginevra Held

So as I'm making these croissants, which by the way take forever, I thought it might be neat to have a recipe and list of ingredients for the Dining Room design I did.

So here it goes.

"Dope Ass Dining Room" Recipe:


1 Eero Saarinen Tulip Table in Callacata Marble

4 Red Leather Chairs by Zanotta
-Substitution Note: 4 Louis XVI Chairs would also be fun with the contemporary table

1 Maison Martin Margiela Haussmann Doors Decal

5 Ikea Gaspa Queen size flat Sateen Sheet packs - double pinch pleated, 1 folded in half for the corner

2 deer heads by White Faux Taxidermy
- Substitution: Black Deer heads could add more drama

1 Achille Castiglione Frisbee Lamp
- Substitution: To go a little more french, add an Empire Chandelier

1 quart Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint in Dior Gray

1 quart Benjamin Moore Natura Eggshell in Pigeon Gray 

1 piece of chalk


1. Paint ceiling trim Pigeon Gray.  

2. Measure to center back wall to determine position of Margiela doors.  Mark position.  Paint Chalkboard paint from just below ceinling trim, to just below where the doors would hit and slightly wider than doors.  Allow to dry.

3. Carefully peel and stick Margiela door.  The door should be positioned where an actual door would be, therefore it should go to the floor.

4.. Pinch pleat 5 Ikea flat bedsheets.  (this will take a while, watch Martha Stewart Bakes while sewing to fill your head with insane ideas of what to do next.) Attach one sheet to right side of Margiela Doors, just under the ceiling trim, using a staple gun.  Be sure to hide staple in the pleats.  Repeat on other side of door.  For the window area, repeat process, but use one sheet that is folded in half lengthwise for the corner.

5. When paint is dry, write the word "entablature" in chalk (Get your Mom to do this if you are nervous.)

6. Attach deer heads to either side of doors and directly onto the fabric.  Take care that the fabric flows symmetrically from the head, and where the deer head is directly pressed onto fabric, ensure that it is neatly pleating and symmetrical on both sides.

7. Ensure that table is centered under light fixture.  

8. Take a photo and enjoy your new space!

A note about the Achille Castiglione Pendant light:  I forgot to mention it in my last post.  The light is my Dad's addition, and although I am partial to Empire Chandeliers there was no reason to replace this light.  It is a dope light.  Additionally, its lines echo the lines of the Saarinen table, so you know, it works.  You don't have to buy all new things to have an awesome space.  Its about creating an environment to enhance what you have and what you like, and new additions again go back to enhancing the things you already bought and love.

In case you forgot what it looks like:

xoxo, Ginevra